Manny has had the sutures out of his leg for 6 days now and is starting to walk very well. As long as we walk him at a comfortable speed, he carries an almost fully regular gait. He also is able to jump and run for spurts. His best activity comes in morning and early afternoon – later in the day, he becomes fatigued and starts favoring his other leg.

Yesterday Manny went for a nicely paced, one mile walk. We went for a coffee (with Anette, Leigh and Rusty – who were both in town for the WildFlower Triathlon) and I carried him home. We then had about 15 people over for a bbq and Manny enjoyed the day before passing out for the evening around 8pm – completely wiped out.

Tomorrow Manny has his first official rehab session with the clinic and will do underwater treadmill – a good exercise because the water forces him to use all legs equally.

This video is from this evening – as you can see, he is functioning very well! The last week has been terrific and every day is an improvement.