Pictures to come soon … I promise.

Manny is doing quite well – he is full of energy (despite the medications) and his personality has returned. While he is napping more than normal, when Anette and/or I are around, he is playful and energetic. In fact, the biggest struggle is to get him to rest and stay off his legs. When he walks slowly, he is starting to actually put pressure on his hind right leg and squats normally (on all legs) when going to the bathroom.

To keep Manny off of his legs, we are keeping him busy with lots of chew toys, bones, and peanut-butter filled kongs.

In other news, Anette interviewed a petsitter who will come spend a little time with Manny on day’s that our schedule’s keep us both away from the house. This will be a big help and Manny seems to like her (Debbie).  And the breeder has yet to return my latest email about Manny.

One week from today Manny’s sutures will be removed and rehab will begin! Very encouraging.