Manny continues to show good progress. He slept peacefully through the night – except for the noise of his victorian collar rubbing across the cage when he moves (probably bothers us more than him!).

He is starting to get his energy and personality back – he is even getting more comfortable and confident in his mobility. We aren’t supposed to encourage too much movement – but his mobility at least makes sleeping and eating more comfortable. It also allows him to go to the bathroom more easily. Today he went to the bathroom outside twice – once for a #1 and the other for a #2… another big improvement. Manny’s appetite is back and he got a treat – last night’s dinner and this morning’s breakfast were boiled chicken!

The negatives of the day:
* Manny really hates the pills and he tries to regurgitate them up. I’ve found that the only solution is to bury the pill in a small, swallow-able cube of cheese.
* Manny is getting his energy back and wanting to move around more than he should be
* He is clearly not enjoying the neck cone – he gets itchy and tries to scratch his ears, but all he can do is scratch the cone! Very depressing!
* The cone makes it hard for him to eat and drink out of a bowl. We boiled him chicken so that he can be ‘hand fed’ and I got him a water bottle to hang in his crate (think the type of water bottle that hamsters drink out of by sucking the nipple). Manny had no idea what it was, but once we put peanut butter on the bottle’s tip, he quickly figured it out!

Today we scheduled time for Manny’s sutures to be removed and his first rehab session (next Tuesday), I contacted Manny’s breeder (more to come) and am seeking a pet-sitter to visit Manny a couple days this week while Anette and I are at work.