Yesterday morning was the roughest moment so far – Manny was truly in pain and was actually in fear of me. After a long morning nap, Manny improved during the day and we did our icing and exercises. The breakthrough of the day was around 4pm when Manny actually alerted me through normal signs that he needed to relieve himself (until then, he had no control). I carried him outside to his normal bathroom area and he actually squatted (seemingly painlessly too).

Today (Sunday) has made big improvements – he is getting his personality back, he has been outside to go to the bathroom, and he is getting more active and aware. His whimpers of pain are also less frequent and he is eating relatively normally – drinking as well. Today we move from icing to heating his hip- which is far prefers. His sutures (shown below) look excellent as well.

Manny has been chewing on lots of chew-sticks and has been spending a good part of the day sitting upright (quietly) or laying down.  I am hopeful that the progress made in the last 24 hours continues through the week. Manny is even trying to ‘walk’ around although he is very careful not to put any pressure on his leg. At some point soon he will need to learn that the leg is functional (will require rehab trainers most likely).

Anette working on hip flexibility and movement with Manny.



Manny’s sutures look great.