Anette picked Manny up from the clinic and he was certainly out of it. You will notice in the below pictures that his legs were shaved (for the IV drip) and his entire back section was shaved for the operation. His sutures span his right hip and look very good.

Manny is also on heavy medications – both pain (pill and the green patch) and sedatives. He is not only confused and insecure, he is certainly in a lot of pain and trying not to put any pressure on his leg.

You will also notice that he has a shield on his head / neck. He will be wearing this until his sutures are removed in two weeks. He clearly doesn’t enjoy wearing it and has struggled to figure out how it affects his normal activity (walking, sleeping, etc).

For the next three days we have to ice his hip 3-4 times a day for 5 minutes. Afterwards, we have to work on stretching his hip gently – trying to eliminate stiffness. We do this 3-4 times a day, also for 5 minutes.

While everything looks good and is going as expected (according to the doctors), it is quite saddening as Manny is clearly uncomfortable, nervous and even scared of Anette and I at times. He has little control of himself – emotions and bowel movements. Hopefully everything improves quickly.

Manny Legg Perthes

Manny Legg Perthes

Manny Legg Perthes